GPS Inventory Solutions: A profitable solution for unprofitable inventory
How much is slow moving inventory costing your company?

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GPS receives national certification as a Women's Business Enterprise GPS Receives national certification as a Women's Business Enterprise

GPS Inventory Solutions minimizes your excess and slow moving inventory while maintaining stocking levels consistent with corporate supply objectives. We customize our programs to your specific needs and become your exclusive OSMI vendor.

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GPS Inventory Bank Program

Our GPS Inventory Bank purchases excess, obsolete, and slow moving inventory (OSMI) for its Inventory Bank program. These parts are stored in our high-density long term storage facilities where it becomes available for sale to manufacturers and its authorized distribution network.

Using the Inventory Bank provides manufacturers with reduced inventory carrying costs while increasing their available warehouse space for more productive products.

Increased parts availability thru the Inventory Bank enhances Customer Service and provides long term support for your products.

Plus, your brand identity and market integrity is protected by using the Inventory Bank program, unlike surplus outlets.

Additional Benefits:

  • Same Day Shipments Available

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction by Increasing Parts Availability

  • No Minimum Orders – Buy Only What You Need – When You Need It

  • Professional, Friendly Customer Service

  • Free Up Resources To Support More Profitable Activities or  New Corporate Initiatives

  • Easy to Implement Program

  • Possible Tax Benefit Available

Inventory Cost Calculator

GPS has developed an Inventory Analysis Calculator that will immediately focus your employees and save you a lot of time. The Calculator is based on the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) which still applies today, even with all of the sophisticated systems and formulas that are now available.

The Calculator will divide your total inventory into 20% increments to help focus efforts on a specific group of inventory. From this break down you will see the impact each group has on your total operation.

The top 40% of inventory accounts for almost 95% of sales! Yet, the bottom 60% of inventory accounts for ONLY 5.5% of sales! With inventory carrying costs averaging 25% per year, it costs a lot to carry this bottom 60% of inventory – just to get 5.5% sales

Try our Inventory Cost Calculator. Input inventory and sales variables to see how much it costs to carry excess and slow moving inventory AND see how it significantly REDUCES YOUR PROFITS!


Customer Returns Program

Customer Returns are a costly and labor intensive burden most manufacturers are forced to endure. GPS will process your customer returns to your specifications, ready to return to your stock or stored in our Inventory Bank.

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Benefits of the Inventory Bank

If your business stocks spare parts to provide long-term customer support, have you ever thought about how much that excess inventory is costing you? On the surface, it might not seem like much, but let’s break it down...  >> Read More